A sustainable technology
eco-system for Africa.

A modular solution

We have many years of experience in electric mobility and sustainable energy production. Our focus has always been and always will be, to deliver reliable products at the most competitive price. That is why we have developed in-house technology that integrates validated and cost efficient components. Making sure that we are always at the forefront of the technology, leveraging the best suppliers in the industry but also keeping the end customers needs in focus. This approach enables us to operate in a variety of business areas and create products that make sense in the regions we are based in.

Our core belief is that conversion systems for retrofitting vehicles is the fastest, most sustainable and efficient way to deploy electric vehicles in emerging markets. Usually these markets have an excess of used vehicles that have chassis that will hold up for many years to come, so instead of scraping these vehicles Roam gives them a second life. Making sure we use the best of the past in combination with the best of today. This minimises resource usage and upfront cost while at the same time making sustainable technology accessible to a wider audience.

Electric Power Train

One of the key concepts that we work with is modularisation. This means that we separate our powertrain and designs into modules that are standardised and validated individually avoiding the need to redesign every time. This ranges from making EMI-proof HV relay boxes to a suite of control units to be used across several sizes of vehicles.

The philosophy is to develop for a broader range and not to focus on a singular model. This can be compared to OEM’s development of new electric vehicles that are based on platforms where a chassis is then installed on the platform.  This enables us to do this in reverse as the chassis already exists.

As we then approach new vehicles we only have to do the high level design of the vehicle on specifications and performance. This done through simulations and calculations, then the mechanical re-design to place our modules inside the vehicle. This is then implemented with the best parts on the market in a in-house architecture to ensure we compete on quality as well as price.

Electric Motorcycle

Our goal was to create a cheap and low cost motorcycle that allows for local production and local assembly. With the vision to create a motorcycle set to become the standard for urban transport in Africa, reducing emissions and congestion in cities.

The powertrain is designed from high volume components in combination with use of auxiliary parts from a local established supply chain for ease of repair. This makes ownership cheaper and repairs are kept at a minimum. Creating a product that won't just compete on performance but also on price.

Our proprietary swappable battery packs allow for quick turnaround when in use, making sure we create a product that is user friendly and isn't compromised on range. This hybrid charging strategy enables a versatile charging anywhere and anytime.

Energy Solutions

Our high quality lithium-ion battery technology with a modular installation, enables us to offer the best solution for our customer needs. While at the same time reducing electricity cost, improving margins, enabling outage redundancy and lowering customer return of investment.

The system enables off-the-grid charging or grid support as well as stabilising grid power and securing independence during power cuts. This leads to a lower levelized cost of electricity while shortening payoff times for infrastructure investments. 

We offer the best possible solution for the lowest price making us a go to provider for an end-to-end system while at the same time ensuring our mobility products are powered by clean and cheap electricity.